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Using Pet Names for Your Significant One

There are lots of single people who are wondering why women in a relationship use pet names to call their significant one. The answer is quite simple. If you really like a soft toy or anything like a lover, you love to sink and cuddle that thing or person. You will feel fuzzy and warm within, and you are filled with happiness and joy. And because of this you will give names to show that you appreciate the love and warmth that you can get from the person.

There are some men who feel that pet names are a feminine thing, thus even if he was calling his girl any special nickname he is hesitant to use it while dating or in public places.  Women are more comfortable using pet names that she thinks best describes his love one.  Women have the tendency to baby talk a lot more compared to men.

Some may use the conventional way of calling their partner such as honey and sweetheart, but you need to remember that a unique and cute pet name is special and personal. In case you still don’t have a pet name for your partner, you don’t have to worry it will just pop up out of the blue or you can browse through our site to find that special nickname for that special guy. You can even use these pet names even if you are already married.

Also, we all have nicknames while growing up.  We had names we’ll always remember and others we wish we can forget.  You will always meet someone that says, “Hi my name is____, but they call me____”!

We give nick names to our girlfriends, our parents, fiances, husband or wife, grandparents.  It’s a form of bondage, respect and affection toward the other individual.  Even if you have an ugly nickname.

But here we have a list of cute nicknames, boyfriend nicknames, girlfriend nicknames, naughty nicknames, and Spanish nicknames.  Just start at the links below.

Cute Pet Names

Romantic Pet Names

Spanish Pet Names

Naughty Pet Names




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